Andrew Stein For Orange County Judge

ANDREW M. STEIN Attorney at Law.

Andrew M. Stein is running for Judge of the Orange County Superior Court Office No. 3 because his vast experience, knowledge, and attributes make him extremely well qualified for the position.

Over the past thirty-eight years, Andrew Stein has handled over 5,000 cases in State and Federal Court, both Criminal and Civil in nature. He has tried in excess of 250 cases to Jury verdict, and has appeared in front of a thousand or more Judges during that period of time.

Andrew Stein knows what it takes to make a good judge: fairness, understanding, compassion when appropriate, the ability to treat all parties fairly, courtesy, the ability to listen, the ability to decipher the truth, objectivity, the ability to do the right thing. Most importantly, a Judge must ensure public safety and that all people be held personally accountable for their actions.

Andrew Stein is supported by a broad Coalition of Law Enforcement, Judicial Officers, and other members of the Justice system. These supporters range from former California Supreme Court Justice, Carlos Moreno, to over 100 Superior Court Judges, Detectives, Police Officers, and Court Staff.